It’s a good time to start writing again

Hi All,

Ohh!! it’s been a long while since I am blogging again. Hope you all are doing good.

I think at this point of my life it is good to start again. Or in other words, as said in ‘American Beauty’, “It is never too late to start all over”.  The reason I am here to write again is very different than the time I was here before. Now its more personal. I feel like I get  a very personal space here to talk. I have missed that freedom for a while.

I am planning to write at least twice a week going forward. I met a handful of  good friends here while I used to write Permanent Address, under the name ‘Exotic Falooda’. Likewise, I wish to meet new people; hear your stories, tell mine and have a good time.

Good to be back 🙂